Full Interior Design | Nashua

Nashua Cape Town’s regional office were to move to a new space and needed a fresh office concept that will serve their dynamic sales and support team.

Their brief included a double volume reception, a social space for staff members and a modern desk area with seats for a 150 people.

Our design concept allowed for great adaptability in both layout and function. The scale of use could easily be increased and adapted with the addition of individual components. Considering the strong corporate identity, we finished with modular functionality and a timeless outcome.


Testimonial | Mr. Grobler, Nashua

“Kim is dedicated to her craft and brought an abundance of creativity and new ideas to our offices. With invaluable guidance, Kim always looked for good value when offering product recommendations. We came to see her as a very practical interior decorator who can deliver good value. Her desire to provide good value to her clients was apparent in her time management and record keeping on the project. We loved working with Kim and are ecstatic about the results she achieved. We are happy to give her our wholehearted endorsement”