ooooh Interior is a full-service design firm assisting clients in creating a wholesome environment that suits their needs. We assist in challenges that include the selection of architectural details and finishes and collaborate with architects. We also assist in decorating a functional but beautiful space with furniture, fabrics and accessories that is specifically curated for the work setting or private space.
We take great pleasure in the creation of interior schemes that is beautifully organised and in line with simplistic and organic contexts. Presenting considered solutions to complex forms, where we can custom-create a space with cognisance to the way things are naturally intended to be.
Our services stretch from online design to in-depth interior design plans and implementations.
We pride ourselves in the exciting challenges we come across by turning a space into someone's ideal environment, work setting, service exhibition or residential luxury. We collaborate with professional teams and colour useful spaces with our expertise, ideas and experience.

"Design is the conscious effort to impose a meaningful order" - Victor Papanek